About Us

At McLaren Vale Chiropractic Centre we have a strong focus on family care and the well being and the development of children; we are very proud to have been able to assist in the health and development of many families and children in the southern region over a 16 year period. At the heart of our business is the belief that we should all feel good and function well, so we aim to get you and your family as well possible and maintain your well-being. We offer Chiropractic care in a safe, friendly and caring environment and we understand how busy life can get and so for your convenience we are open until 7pm most evenings and offer Saturday clinic from 7.30am until lunch time.

Chiropractic Style

Our chiropractic focuses on low force techniques but our chiropractors are also proficient in manual techniques . Our chiropractors are rated advanced proficient in Activator Methods, a gentle technique suitable for everyone and particularly the young and elderly.

We also utilise Drop Table, blocking and manual diversified adjusting techniques when required. When working on infants we can offer a range of gentle treatments including specialist cranial techniques and for our athletes we can provide Kinesiotaping (you may have noticed unusual patterns of coloured tape on top tennis players).DSC01222 (1)

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